Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cafepress Anti-Valentine's Day Winners

Throughout January Cafepress had a Anti-Valentine's Day contest. Read more about it on Anti-Valentine's T-shirts, Gifts & More

Here are the three first place winners for the three themes.

SINGLE LIFE: Blue Parrot's T-shirt Shop


ANTI LOVE: Birthstone Designs

Happy Anti-Valentine's Day!

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free
These are on my Anti-Valentine's T-shirts, Gifts & More lens. They were entered in the Cafepress Anti-Valentine's Contest
The winners are shown above.

Wear your shirts proudly! Send a card to Your Ex. Let him or her know just how you feel. Provided they care!

No Love for You Shop 2
Entered in the Anti-Valentine's Day contest Anti-Love: AVClove
T-shirts, mugs, buttons, cards, teddy bear, golf shirt, hoodies, sweat shirt, dog gifts, unique gifts, women's wear, men's wear, kid's wear, clocks, cards and more.

Display your shirts and tote bag proudly! Snuggle up with a Teddy Bear! Softer, nicer and sweeter than your ex!

No Love for You Shop 4
Entered in the Anti-Valentine's Day contest The Single Life: AVCsingle
Poem and design are the same as shop 3, but the design is faded more in the background.

Keeping it Simple Sometimes you have to be blunt to get the message across.

These Cafepress Items are in my Zazzle shop as well. See the new products.

Snowflake Zombies & Winter Scares, Happy Anti-Valentine's Day! and HAVE D.U.M.B. MERCHANDISE, Unleash the Animals, All in the Way You Say It, Groovy Pop Art and growing.

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