Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Types of Back Offices

Types of Back Offices

There are three types of back offices. The first two are positive. The third one...well let us just say that you will be looking forward for the weekend off.

First, there is the online back office. This is a good thing and a plus for anyone trying to market him or herself.

The second would be a home office. This could be for a hobby or for the self-employed. The great part of working for yourself is that you are your own boss. You choice your own hours, take breaks when you need to, and no boss from hell. Unless you are the boss from hell and really, really, treat yourself like the devil. This does happen when we expect success to happen overnight.

Find out what the third one is and read about the humorous look between working at home and outside of the home. Click on the link above.

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