Friday, March 22, 2013

Making Money Online or Cut Your Losses

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When is it time to throw in the towel and cut your losses with your online business or businesses?

Many of us have many different outlets online for making money. Print on demand shops like having a Zazzle shop., a CafePress shop or maybe a custom shop that makes money on Amazon as I do with my 3dRose products on Amazon.

Out of those three, CafePress is not making me money. Recently I decided to give it one more try as I refuse to pay for a premium shop there. Is this a smart choice or should I have just closed up shop? Well, I did close down many of the shops.

What about social networks?

Some of these offer a royalty fee or ranking fee each month. Others don’t. Squidoo pays in tiers (ranking) and a share of Amazon and eBay sales with their modules. If your ranking goes below 400,000 then your lens (article) is considered a WIP and can only be seen if you send out the link.

HubPages pays out in their ad program. They also allow you to make money for Amazon, eBay products sold and Adsense. They will decide if they no longer want to feature your hub (article). With means no one will find it unless you send out a link.

There are other social network sites, but these are the ones that I am on more so then the other ones.

Spending most of my time online and making pennies a day on social network sites, am I wasting my time?

What about blogging? Soon I plan on killing some blogs and keep it down to this one, Gifts You Treasure and Pets are Family.

How are you doing online? Share your opinion?
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