Saturday, July 16, 2011

June I began posting my Zazzle sales for that month along with blessings all tied in one article Zazzle June 2011 Sales and Blessings. It may not look like a lot, but it was a profitable month. My largest sale was 33 t-shirts. For the month of July, I have followed the same posting. So far in the middle of July it doesn't come close to June sales. Tell me what you think on July's article. Zazzle July 2011 Sales and Blessings.
On July 4th was my 3 year anniversary on Squidoo. Since then a lot has changed with Squdoo and my writing. I would like to think it has all gotten better. The day has passed but you can still help me celebrate. Three Years on Squidoo.
Back in 2008, my dog Buddy ran for President along with his cousin Ringo as Vice President. Again he is running. Now you may think this is crazy, but this country has gone down hill with politicians. I believe any pet can make a better governor, congressperson, president and any other office held. Prove me right or wrong in the debate duel. Enjoy some from gifts too. Election Pets Zazzle and Debate
Can't believe we still haven't gone camping this year. It is always fun taking the dog along. One night after setting up the tent, we will sit around the camp fire and roast hot dogs and later marshmallows. The following night, we will go to the outdoor theater. Of course shopping is fun at the homemade fudge shops. Before we go, I will check my article about My Top Ten Camping Essentials.

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