Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Celebrate Artstreet in Green Bay, WI

This is the 2nd in the one a day lens for 30 days on the Get Cracking with Bonnie and Robin This assignment was to write about a local event.

The one thing about writing a lens a day is that I don't expect much traffic. But we will see.

Every year Green Bay Wisconsin has its annual art fair event which brings together artists to showcase their works for the public to see. It first started out at Bayfest on the University of Wisconsin Green Bay campus with a few booths set up. It is now held downtown taking over several blocks. Artstreet is more than booths...it is a celebration. Read more about it by going to Celebrate Artstreet in Green Bay, WI

Let's Get Cracking Day One - My First

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Feb. 15, 2010 was the first day for Let's Get Cracking with Bonnie and Robin This is a challenge on Facebook to do a lens a day with the assignment handed out from Bonnie and Robin. I know I am crazy doing this. I am so far behind with everything else in my life and here I am participating.

The assignment for the first day is write about your "First". This lens I chose fit in with assignment #6 for Session 5 on travel and my first time to Mackinac Island. The pictures in my Zazzle shop are from our trip but without the watermark that is shown above. Here is the beginning of my lens. Everyone is welcome to sign the guestbook.

When I was five months pregnant and experiencing morning, noon and night sickness we traveled to Mackinac Island, Michigan for the first time. We had heard how beautiful this part of Michigan was and wanted to experience it ourselves. We crossed the Mackinac Bridge which spans approximately five miles across to Mackinac City where we stayed at a motel for three nights.

Forgetting to change our watches ahead one hour, we were too late for many activities going on that first evening. Read more at Mackinac Island, Michigan

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