Sunday, March 20, 2011

Squidoo Clean up Month and New Lenses

March is clean up week on Squidoo. The Squid Team is encouraging everyone to go through their older, lower ranked lenses and clean them up to what they have learned on how to write better lenses.

Plus, just like another social network that I know of, the Squid Team will be on the look out a little more so for spam take and substandard lenses. I believe my lenses are safe. But I have to admit that out of my 250 plus lenses, more than half of these can be fixed up or broken up into smaller lenses. I tend to overdo and overkill, not knowing when to stop. This even applies to my latest lenses. Well, some dogs are hard to train!

I have cleaned up several lenses, but these below had major overhauls and probably took more time to clean up then it was to write the first time around. In addition, the last two are new lenses, which I also cleaned up. You will see some long lenses here. I am not good at using the KISS System.

All comments, bookmarking, sharing and giving thumbs up are welcome on these lenses. One of my goals this year is to get a LOTD. Only you can make this happen. (Note: If you are not a Squidoo member, you can still comment and give a thumbs up.)

Gifts for All Occasions
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Chocolate Gift Ideas
This is a collection of my Chocoholics Unite! product line on Zazzle and Sandy Mertens on Amazon. Additonal chocolate on Zazzle is found in Chocolate with Sandyspider. Anyone who appreciates the taste of this luxurious treat, will enjoy seeing these creamy, rich, mouth watering products. But be careful! The major side effect of viewing this Zazzle shop is weight gain. Share some love and give the gift of chocolate found in this article Chocoholics Unite Gallery of Gifts

These are the two newer lenses but have already been cleaned up since first published.

Bi-Winning, Rock Star and Tiger Blood Apparel
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For the Love of Green
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If you are a Squidoo Member,these and any of my other lenses can be nominated by you for a Purple Star and LOTD. If you are not a member you are still welcome to add you comment in the guestbook and give it a like up. Squidoo is free, fun and a wonderful place to write. If interested you can
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