Friday, May 2, 2014

Changing a blog name

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I am everywhere online. This t-shirt says it all. Today I changed the name of this blog and URL to make more of what is added to this blog. I was first intended to compliment and link back to my Squidoo account. But a lot has changed since then. My writing expands with many sites online. Though for nearly a year now, my writing has been mainly on a network media site called Bubblews – (this is my Sandyspider account). To join, here is my referral link. On Bubblews, it is all about the pennies. There is a penny for views, a penny for Likes and a penny for comments on the posts. Three cents per signed on person visiting your post in possible. It may not sound like much, but those pennies turn into dollars. Once you get to $50 you can redeem for payment in your PayPal account. Bubblews is going through major growing pains right now, with errors of the website being offline. But it is still worth being part of this site. Of the many social networks that I write on, Bubblews is paying me more money then any of these. Now the reason that I finally changed the name of this blog site is because I do write for many social media networks. Therefore posting something about Bubblews would not make much sense to see Squidoo in the name.

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