Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sandyspider on Squidoo Facebook Page

Sandyspider on Squidoo is a Facebook fan page. Squidoo is about lenses (article writing). 

I haven't add my last few lenses on here, but this is one of my newest lenses. This has my Facebook page for   Sandyspider on Squidoo and a list of all my lenses. My Squidoo Facebook Page and Plexography

A plexography is a collection of lenses in the form of links. My Facebook fan page is about promoting my Squidoo lenses and Squidoo. It tends to make a full circle.

I'm a Giant Squid belonging to the 100 club. Sandyspider can be found on Zazzle, Squidoo, Hubpages, eZine, Redgage, Squidoo Club, and more.

Follow the links above to be in my Squidoo fan page and read my plexography.

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Squidoo: Sandyspider on Squidoo

Squidoo : Lenses by sandyspider

Sandyspider on HubPages

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