Thursday, February 24, 2011

Governor Scott Walker Stripping Workers Rights

Governor Scott Walker Stripping Workers Rights: "The state of Wisconsin is broke. Governor Scott Walker claims his Budget Repair Bill is the only answer to getting Wisconsin back on its feet. However, what he really is doing is taking away workers rights in collective bargaining, busting up the unions, taking 50% of the pensions from hard working teachers, nurses and other public employees."

Read more about it here Governor Scott Walker Stripping Workers Rights

(This is not a Squidoo article, but it is something heavy on my mind since I live in the state of Wisconsin).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Travel Seattle, Super Bowl, Chocolate and Toys

My latest lenses on Seattle, The Super Bow Champions, Zazzle Gifts and My Little Pony, are featured below. To read more, go to the links to the articles.

Everyone can leave a comment on these Squidoo lenses. Squidoo is the best place to promote your business, shops and more. Free to join here!

Planning on a Seattle family vacation?
Seattle has electrifying energy. A big city filled with life. Easy to sightsee on foot and by monorail to see many of the main attractions that this city has to offer. Be prepared for walking up and down steep hills. Read more on things to do in Seattle here Seattle Attractions

The Green Bay Packers Won the Super Bowl
National Football Conference (NFC) champions Green Bay Packers defeated the American Football Conference (AFC) champions Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on February 6, 2011 for the Super Bowl championship. Read more on this great victory on Super Bowl Champions XLV

The Amour of Chocolate and Hearts
Being a chocoholic, I admit on eating too much of this delightful, sinfully, delicious candy. I am in heaven with chocolate truffles. Give me a box of chocolates in a heart shaped box and I will love you forever. Read more on this yummy lens on Chocolate and Hearts

My Little Pony is a Great Toy for the Imagination
My Little Pony was one of my daughter's favorite toys when she was little. She was a collector of every single one out there. Then there were the Little Pony accessories. She would often get together with her best friend from day care, both ready to play an adventure with their little ponies. See more of these colorful ponies on My Little Pony for Girls

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Squid Angel of Zazzle

On Feb. 12, 2011 I became a Squid Angel. My neighborhood being in Internet > Ecommerce Tips > Zazzle Sellers and Tips.

I am one busy person and taking on such a task confirms the fact that I am crazy after all. However, I decided to take on as many as I can each day. Not every single lens with Zazzle has to have me visit it all in one day. For anyone who knows me, this is a hard challenge for myself to not overdo. I tend to go full force online.

Flying around on Squidoo, I have seen many fantastic Zazzle lenses still in a different topic category than the above mention topics. This is new with the topic and subtopic that recently has been added. I am thinking that not too many people are aware of it yet or feel their lens is better suited elsewhere.

I have blessed many so far in the Zazzle Seller and Tips area for subtopics, however when I see a great Zazzle Tip lens or Zazzle lens elsewhere, this Angel will be there to bless the lens. I have even few outside of my neighborhood for a blessing here and there.

As I take it, this neighborhood that I am blessing is Zazzle lenses and Zazzle tip lenses. So for everyone who is reading this, please check to see if your lens is a good fit and make the changes in your lens setting. This way, I can find you.

You never know when a "Squid Angel of Zazzle" will be hovering over your masterpiece lens.

My Angel lens has been divided into page breaks. The second page shows the lenses that I have blessed for the months of Feb. and March. Right now, the lenses are shown as featured lenses, but I will probably have a combination of both (featured lenses and plexos) in order for the page not to get too long.

Zazzle and Squidoo go hand in hand. The best site to brag endlessly about your Zazzle. Join Squidoo for free and start bragging today.

Read more about this on Squid Angel of Zazzle

(Note: If you would like to be a guest writer for any of my blogs, send me a message.)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Rid the Clutter from My Life

Getting rid of the clutter in my life is one of my New Years resolution goals. I am a pack rat. It is hard to separate the junk from what I should keep. The same goes for my online work.

November 2007 I started my first blog called Embrace the Hill. Then I bought my first Domain with the same name. Not really sure where I was going with it. Did I like the name?

Who knows what my mind was thinking. The blog is now about getting older and the funny side of it. The name has been changed a bit along with the URL. You can find it by clicking on the spider lady found here where it states about me or above.

The Domain with the same name sat for nearly a year before I figured out what to do with it. 2008 was an election year. Many of us have become dissatisfied with the government. All in fun, I created an alternate party called the Canine National Party. So now, the website has gone to the dogs with Buddy and Ringo.

Neither blog nor website has gotten much traffic. I haven't worked on either of them for the longest time. Should I get rid of these and are they cluttering up my life?

This same holds true for all my blogs, websites, and social activity. This blog is a collage of clutter.

Needing to have a blog for all my writing and social activity, but do I need another blog? I could change the name on this one, but then I would change the URL and change it all over the internet. Life of a pack rat produces a whole load of clutter droppings.

Below are my latest ten articles on Squidoo, including two goal setting lenses. Click on the links to read about unique gifts, goals for 2010 and the Green Bay Packers.
Things Coaster Would Say
Things a Keychain Would Say
Setting Goals with Color
Acheiveing My Goals with Color Therapy
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Unique Valentine Tile Pen Holders
2010 NFC Champions Green Bay Packers Collectibles
Things a T-shirt Would Say
Things a Shoe Would Say

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