Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Squid Angel of Zazzle

On Feb. 12, 2011 I became a Squid Angel. My neighborhood being in Internet > Ecommerce Tips > Zazzle Sellers and Tips.

I am one busy person and taking on such a task confirms the fact that I am crazy after all. However, I decided to take on as many as I can each day. Not every single lens with Zazzle has to have me visit it all in one day. For anyone who knows me, this is a hard challenge for myself to not overdo. I tend to go full force online.

Flying around on Squidoo, I have seen many fantastic Zazzle lenses still in a different topic category than the above mention topics. This is new with the topic and subtopic that recently has been added. I am thinking that not too many people are aware of it yet or feel their lens is better suited elsewhere.

I have blessed many so far in the Zazzle Seller and Tips area for subtopics, however when I see a great Zazzle Tip lens or Zazzle lens elsewhere, this Angel will be there to bless the lens. I have even few outside of my neighborhood for a blessing here and there.

As I take it, this neighborhood that I am blessing is Zazzle lenses and Zazzle tip lenses. So for everyone who is reading this, please check to see if your lens is a good fit and make the changes in your lens setting. This way, I can find you.

You never know when a "Squid Angel of Zazzle" will be hovering over your masterpiece lens.

My Angel lens has been divided into page breaks. The second page shows the lenses that I have blessed for the months of Feb. and March. Right now, the lenses are shown as featured lenses, but I will probably have a combination of both (featured lenses and plexos) in order for the page not to get too long.

Zazzle and Squidoo go hand in hand. The best site to brag endlessly about your Zazzle. Join Squidoo for free and start bragging today.

Read more about this on Squid Angel of Zazzle

(Note: If you would like to be a guest writer for any of my blogs, send me a message.)


Marsha S said...

I have a zazzle shop, and one thing of mine has actually sold. I have lots of photos saved on my computer that I want to make into merchandise there, but I get so frustrated with the photos and them not coming out like I want them to on the products.

I do need to see if I can still add the module to some of my lenses to get the word out more in the meantime.

Good luck....I am an angel in the books category.

Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

Discovered your link on Marsha's HOP and SQUIDOO blog post and thought I'd stop by and say Hi! I'll find you at Squidoo, too.

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