Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween, Autumn, Thanksgiving and Pet and Articles

Many new articles (lenses) about dog toys, Buddy the German Shepherd, Halloween, Autumn, Thanksgiving and Pizza.

Here they are. See what you have missed.

Dog Toys for Halloween
Halloween toys for your dog are found in a wide selection of toys. From a "Plush & Crinkle Pumpkin Dog Toy" to a "Treat Boo Halloween Bungee Dog Toy"

My dog Buddy loves plush squeaky toys the best. He is a spoiled dog and has more toys than we know what to do with. For the most part, he is good with his toys, with maybe an occasional chewed up ear or two.

Birthday Wish List for My Dog
I'm a German Shepherd and behind me is my cousin Ringo. My birthday is February 2. Whether it is too early or too late for my big day doesn't mean you have to wait in fulfilling my birthday wish list quest.

Halloween Porcelain Snowflake Ornaments
Decorate your Halloween tree with beautiful porcelain snowflake ornaments. Christmas is no longer the only holiday where indoor trees are decorated. A Halloween tree can have spooky monsters or keep within a snowflake theme of jack o' lanterns, witches or black cats.

Halloween Greeting Cards on Amazon
Buying Halloween greeting cards is practical and easy. Amazon offers various payment methods from using your PayPal to a credit card.

On Zazzle you can buy individual cards or in groups. The more you purchase of a greeting card the better discount you will receive. These same cards you will find in Sandyspider Gifts on Zazzle.

Hawaiian Tile Napkin Holders
Hawaiian tile napkin holders are a first start to adding a theme to your kitchen or dining room accessories. An appreciation for travel photos from the Big Island of Hawaii.

Hosting a luau featuring a Hawaiian feast of roast pig, glazed pineapples, coconut milk beverage and entertainment; the d├ęcor adds to the mix. Make sure to have Hawaiian design napkins to go with the napkin holders. But why stop there! Add tablecloths, salt and pepper shakers and more Hawaiian decorations.

Growing Pumpkins and Recipes
Grow your own pumpkins is easy. Fresh pumpkins not only make funny or scary Jack o' lanterns for Halloween, but make delicious homemade pumpkin recipes too. Don't throw away the seeds, roast them in the oven for a tasty snack.

Autumn Posters and Prints
Beautiful autumn posters show the transition between Summer and Winter. The leaves begin to change color from green to colors of gold, brown, orange and red. It is a beautiful time of the year. Taking a brisk walk along an autumn trail is invigorating.

We love to drive up north (north eastern) where the leaves first change color. It is also there where there are an abundance of trees lining the water of Lake Michigan. The colors that reflect off the lake are nothing short of spectacular.

Non-Edible Cornucopia Gifts
Dating back to the 5th century, the cornucopia is a symbol of food and abundance. It is represented today as the horn of plenty in a harvest wicker basket shaped cone loaded with festive fruits and vegetables. In North America, the cornucopia has come to be associated with Thanksgiving and the Fall harvest. Whistler, British Columbia, Canada has their November Wine and Food celebration which is named Cornucopia.

Custom Thanksgiving Clothing on Zazzle
Thanksgiving clothing on Zazzle has never been more fun. So many different styles and sizes available of t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies to choose from, with just a few clicks you can change the design you like to any of the 65 different styles of women, mens, kids, toddlers and baby shirts, not to mention colors to choose from. All without having to leave the product page which you had selected. How many sites can you say have that option?

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