Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beauty of Autumn

It is Autumn, so why is there snow outside!!! Seriously, 2" of snow fell yesterday. That isn't too bad when up north 6 to 9 inches fell. But it is too early for snow. I want to enjoy Fall a little longer.

To put me back into the Autumn season, I would like to share a few of my Autumn articles and gifts.

Beautiful autumn posters show the transition between Summer and Winter. The leaves begin to change color from green to colors of gold, brown, orange and red. It is a beautiful time of the year. Taking a brisk walk along an autumn trail is invigorating.

We love to drive up north (north eastern) where the leaves first change color. It is also there where there are an abundance of trees lining the water of Lake Michigan. The colors that reflect off the lake are nothing short of spectacular. Read more and see the beauty of nature on Autumn Posters and Prints.

Autumn colors in psychedelic, funky, soul, art deco, pop art, vintage, retro, music of the 60s and 70s, are the theme for these posters. Go back in time where being a hippie meant free love, sex, drugs and living off the land.

Psychedelic colors were the art form and has revived itself in present time. History repeats itself with fashion and artwork. We love vintage and retro. It takes us to a more carefree and happy place in our mind. Read more and get your grove on at
Autumn Psychedelic and Funky Posters

Autumn recipes that are delightfully delicious and the right time of the year to include the Autumn Rise Cheesecake and Old Fashion Brownies. Add an Autumn Caramel Glaze to the brownies and enjoy the chocolate and caramel goodness that will keep a smile on your face. These recipes make great gifts to send from house to house in my recipe card collection on Zazzle. Read more and check out the cool recipe cards on
Autumn Recipes and Cards

Personalize Recipe Boxes to hold your recipes. These gift boxes come in two sizes. The 6x6 inch box holds 3x5 cards or the postcards from Zazzle. Create your own recipe cards. Many recipes on postcards already made in the Zazzle Marketplace and some on Sandyspider Gifts too. Buy several of these for desserts, main dishes, appetizers and more. Change the "RECIPE" word on the box to your own. Add your favorite recipes in these decorative recipe boxes. The 6x6 recipe box will fit your recipe postcards. Read and see more of these unique gifts for your kitchen on
Personalized Autumn Recipe Boxes.

Thanksgiving clothing on Zazzle has never been more fun. So many different styles and sizes available of t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies to choose from, with just a few clicks you can change the design you like to any of the 65 different styles of women, men, kids, toddlers and baby shirts, not to mention colors to choose from. All without having to leave the product page which you had selected. How many sites can you say have that option? See and read more of
Custom Thanksgiving Clothing on Zazzle.

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