Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mosquitos, Gardening, Halloween and Ostriches

Beginning with a hot, humid, wet summer brought an unbelievable amount of mosquitoes. During this time of hiding in the house in order to not get bit, many lenses (articles) had been written. The first article of the summer was about mosquitoes and Zazzle products. Moving on to gardening with green beans, green bean recipes, melon punch recipes, Halloween movies, costumes, making a mask, Halloween Zazzle products and a visit to an ostrich farm.

Summer RocketMoms Session 8 began with an online cookbook The 2010 RocketMoms Cookbook. I finished 4 or the 5 recipe challenge assignments. First time since joining RocketMoms that I didn't complete everything to graduate get the cool looking badge to add to my lenses.

Here are the four recipe lenses completed for this assignment. (Note: the oatmeal cookies have previously been posted on this blog.)Along with related Zazzle products related to these lenses. Click on the images to go to product and links to go to the lenses.

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
My Hubby's Way of Grilling Walleye
Melon Punch Recipes
Garden Fresh Green Bean Salad Recipes
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Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies postcardReal Men Grill Apron apronWatermelon mugGreen Bean Heads! postcard
Before the Halloween challenge began with RocketMoms Session 9, combined with Squidboo Blast and Get Cracking on Facebook, the weather prompts me to create an article on mosquitoes. Shortly before the challenge of 13 lenses in 31 days, I created one Halloween lens about Vintage Sexy Women. This is followed by the ostrich lens and of course more Zazzle products to go with these articles. Here is the remainder of my lenses to pay catch up. The last Halloween lens is a collection of all the Halloween articles written. Zazzle for these lenses have been added below too. Click on the images to go to product and links to go to the lenses.
Mosquito Facts and Zazzle
Ostrich Farm
How to Make Healthier Zucchini Bread
Mosquito Magnet magnetWhat No Ice Cream - Ostrich Farm magnetZucchini Bread mug
Sexy Women of Halloween Vintage
Halloween Vintage on Zazzle
How to Create a Plaster and Paper Mache Mask
Trick or Treat Matching Apparel
Halloween Mask Movies
Everything Halloween and More
Halloween Vintage Woman and Jack o' Lantern cardVintage Auto Halloween cardSoul of Color Mask Print printHappy Halloween! Kid's T-shirt shirtIt's a Halloween Party Invitation invitationHappy Halloween - Uncut Pumpkin Face postcard

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today I Sold My First Lens – Let it RIP

Often I have thought about selling my lenses or writing for someone. I have never gotten around to posting it on a site of lenses for sale or my services offered, though I have in the pass received offers for lenses through email and have turned them down.

These have always been for lenses that I value. These offers for lenses that have been my very best, a Purple Star lens and in the top tier on Squidoo and never has an offer been for one of my lenses that are not quite the quality, at the bottom or I just don’t have a use for it anymore.

Not knowing what my lens was worth, I felt I had received a good offer. I had a couple days to think about this and wasn’t sure I wanted to sale this lens.

Now that I have sold it, this person has received a top notch lens. My lens was a Purple Star and had been in the top tier during June, July and the beginning of August, until I sold it.

Garden Fresh Tomato Recipes had everything that one could possibly think of. Not only were there recipes, it talked about my garden, how to plant tomatoes and how to freeze fresh tomatoes. Not to mention some Zazzle items and affiliate products. Now if you go to that link it will take you to a different lensmaster.

From my observation there are certain lensmasters buy top tier lenses; this gives a nice income from Squidoo. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, I would call these smart entrepreneurs. Though I do find it funny reading the "About Me" Lensmaster SoandSo made 43 lenses from scratch.

I didn’t realize this at the time but my royalties will be going over to the buyer for the months of June and July. Also any affiliate sales like Amazon. And to just think, I had asked everyone to give it a boost because it was a little short of the top tier in July.

I’m not complaining about anyone, except myself. Do I have regrets. Selling off a lens is like sending your child off to kindergarten for the first time.

I do think that since it was my lens until August, all those sales and royalties should go to me. But it doesn’t work that way.

In our RocketMoms Group, lensmaster Treasures by Brenda gave the link to a new tool on SquidUtils Squidoo Lens Valuation. According to what my lens was worth minus the $26 for the last two months on Squidoo, $6 from Amazon, $8 taken out from PayPal and what I had gotten, I took a $104 lost. Or I can just say, "Hey I have more money in my PayPal account."

Will I sell a lens again?

If the opportunity is right and I now know the facts.

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