Friday, October 15, 2010

Calendars, Halloween and Funnyjokes Shop

Calendars make wonderful gifts. We use calendars everyday to keep track of appointments, Birthday, Anniversaries and just to know what day it is. Below are three calendar lenses, tow about the RocketMoms and one about the calendars on Sandyspider Gifts: Calendars.

Mousepad Calendars of the RocketMoms
Inquiring about the calendar template for mousepads in my RocketMoms Zazzle group started an avalanche of new mousepad calendars. With all this excitement about mousepads, a RocketMoms lens was in order.

Zazzle custom mousepads are high quality, full of vibrant colors, and keep your mouse dust-free and sailing smooth. Enjoy these calendar mousepads from these talented women in a wide variety of designs from ships, butterflies, lighthouses, flowers, and a dove, chocolate, strawberry plant, fireworks, Christmas bells, Blue Mountains and more.

Calendars of the RocketMoms

RocketMoms in my Zazzle group are so creative and talented. They were recently asked to share their calendars that can be bought on Zazzle. These calendars are made on high quality paper. Most products on Zazzle can be personalized for the customer to change the photos, text or add to it. There is no better place to shop online than Zazzle.

(Click on any of these images to go to the product)

Custom Calendars For Christmas
Why not give out a calendar for Christmas?

With the upcoming year just a week away from Christmas, it is the prefect gift. Zazzle calendars are made on high quality paper. Personalize the calendars using your own photographs, images, and text. Most pre-designed calendars can be customized this way.

How about a calendar right at your fingertips on a mousepad?

These mousepads are high quality. Durable cloth cover is dust and stain resistant with non-slip backing.

Don't send your little ones out to go trick-or-treating without their Halloween water bottle.

My Top 10 Halloween Water Bottles

Water bottles are a great prize to give out at your next Halloween party. Fill up a water bottle for your little goblins before they go trick-or-treating.

These are my top ten picks of the best Halloween water bottles on Amazon. Take the poll to pick out your favorite.

Sports bottles are a popular addition in today's busy world. Filling up a bottle with water is much healthier than drinking soda. It is fun to walk around trick-or-treating with your vintage witch water bottle.

Funnyjokes Shop

"Funny quotes, sayings, rude quotes, insults, funny jokes, insulting humor, jokes about memory lapse, funny phrases, silly sayings, elderly jokes and more humor to follow." This is the first line of Funnyjokes Shop on Zazzle.

With so many different product lines in my other shop Sandyspider Gifts, I felt the humorous quote part of it was getting unnoticed.

Funnyjokes Shop is not just quotes but anything I find (hopefully you do too) funny. Below are some of the product types with the product lines near the guestbook, click on the images and links to go to the items in the shop. This lens will be updated as it grows. More items are shown in Funnyjokes Shop on Zazzle.

Zazzle products include everything from t-shirts, greeting cards, post cards, Ked shoes, stamps, buttons, refrigerator magnets, mugs, hats, stickers, bumper stickers, keychains, skateboards, tote bags, aprons, binders, invitations, ties, posters and more. If there is a product type that you would like to see not shown in the product line just let me know. Special request are welcome too.

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