Monday, June 8, 2009

I am a RocketsMom

I just joined the RocketMoms on Squidoo. This is their second session. The first time I seen a lens with a RocketMoms template, I thought, "Where can I get a template like that?"

But after reading about what RocketMoms are all about: A gathering of the smartest women on the web, working together to make Squidoo lenses (and a whole lot more). I knew I had to join.

This is the guidelines off the RocketMoms ning site:

This is a 8 week exclusive "lensmaking" program for only about 125 women on Squidoo. The main point is to meet each other, get creative with new lenses, and have fun. So...

1. Do as much or as little as you want. Go at your own pace.
2. Say yes more than you say no. Give people the benefit of the doubt.
3. Say thanks early and often.
4. Go ahead and fail. It's the only way you'll know you're trying.
5. You get out as much as you put in.
5.5 Please don't use the "Invite" tab up top. If you want a friend to join you here, ask Bonnie (that's me) about how they can sign up.
6. Have fun!

Now I don't read instructions too well. I hope I am not alone here, but I used the invite. We are not suppose to invite our friends until after graduations. And even then it is only 5 friends. Needless to say Bonnie ("bdkz" on Squidoo)was nice enough to add some of these great women to the club.

Above are the different badges that we can use on our sites. I haven't decided which one I like best. If you have an opinion, let me know.

Please stay tune for my RocketMom lenses. The first assignment starts now! I will be writing my first "About Me" lens. Wish me luck!

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