Friday, February 4, 2011

Rid the Clutter from My Life

Getting rid of the clutter in my life is one of my New Years resolution goals. I am a pack rat. It is hard to separate the junk from what I should keep. The same goes for my online work.

November 2007 I started my first blog called Embrace the Hill. Then I bought my first Domain with the same name. Not really sure where I was going with it. Did I like the name?

Who knows what my mind was thinking. The blog is now about getting older and the funny side of it. The name has been changed a bit along with the URL. You can find it by clicking on the spider lady found here where it states about me or above.

The Domain with the same name sat for nearly a year before I figured out what to do with it. 2008 was an election year. Many of us have become dissatisfied with the government. All in fun, I created an alternate party called the Canine National Party. So now, the website has gone to the dogs with Buddy and Ringo.

Neither blog nor website has gotten much traffic. I haven't worked on either of them for the longest time. Should I get rid of these and are they cluttering up my life?

This same holds true for all my blogs, websites, and social activity. This blog is a collage of clutter.

Needing to have a blog for all my writing and social activity, but do I need another blog? I could change the name on this one, but then I would change the URL and change it all over the internet. Life of a pack rat produces a whole load of clutter droppings.

Below are my latest ten articles on Squidoo, including two goal setting lenses. Click on the links to read about unique gifts, goals for 2010 and the Green Bay Packers.
Things Coaster Would Say
Things a Keychain Would Say
Setting Goals with Color
Acheiveing My Goals with Color Therapy
Unique Valentine Desk Clocks
Unique Valentine Tile Pen Holders
2010 NFC Champions Green Bay Packers Collectibles
Things a T-shirt Would Say
Things a Shoe Would Say


Rhonda (Pukeko) said...

Sandy, a perfect topic for me today. We just got a few new pieces of furniture and we are rearranging and getting rid of clutter - LOL.

A Sower said...


I currently have four blogs. Three of them I'm serious about and the other is neglected and just collects spam. Part of the problem is, I think, that Crabby Beach invited me to come blog, and I accepted. But I had no clear idea what I wanted to blog about. I was going to limit it to blogs about SQuidoo, but I didn't have that much to say about SQuidoo that I hadn't already said elsewhere.

I was neglecting my garden blog because the ground squirrels had demolished my garden and there was little else to report. I now have changed the title and focus of the blog, but when I went to change the description, I saw it had not changed much. My new focus was just broader.

The new blog really does have a purpose, which is why it was created. It's to report on what I do in my own area and is designed to link to and connect all my local-related web presences. you might say its the center of my own spider web connecting lenses, hubs, my local area web site, and anything else related to my county that I write. I hope it will increase my audience for everything. My goal now is to write something each day, be it a blog, a lense, a hub, or a web site addition. I want to post to each blog each week.

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