Monday, October 5, 2009

Thank You Squidoo and Fans

Thank you Squidoo, this is my anniversary date of joining Squidoo, July 4, 2008. On that date, Squidoo was just another social network; one more avenue to advertise, get traffic and network with other entrepreneurs. It had not cross my mind that this was a real community and a unique club of some of the smartest, brightest people on the internet.

When I joined Squidoo, I had just started a website that April 2008 It came with a pre-made template which I modified. Not knowing much about HTML, it took a bit to figure it out.

Though, Squidoo is a different type of sea creature when it comes to HTML and CSS. Learning what works from the expert lensmasters has actually helped me with my blogs and websites.

Here is a special acknowledgment to all the lensmasters who have not only shown how to add a HTML or CSS script to your lenses. But those you have shown how to add widgets, special text, images, banners, free spacers and all the other Squidoo goodies that can help make your lenses shine. Many of these experts are included in my resource guide lenses.
Click on title about to read more on the lens.

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