Thursday, December 10, 2009

Personal Message to My Tagfoot Friends

Tagfoot is on a roll and making more widgets for us to add to our blogs and other sites. I have gotten so far behind with all of that. I will have to back track for all of this. Are there some people that haven’t been using them?

I updated my security firewall and antivirus software yesterday. Since then I can not reply, add a comment or send a private message to anyone on Tagfoot. I am writing this, so you know why I can’t participate in any way. It will only let me share a bookmark and to foot someone up, though I can not upload an image. This is the only way I can contact support. Hopefully will support will read this support and have an answer to my problem.

I am guessing that it is my software, unless support has put a block on me. I could use some help in order to participate here. My software is ZoneAlarm Security Suite.

I am able to go to your sites that you share. I want to thank those few people who have shared some of my lenses with others.

In the meantime, I will foot up people. For my friends, if you would like to send me your email address and we can communicate that way. Especially support if you would like me to communicate back to you.

Note: It must be my software. I was not able to upload a picture into this blog. It took me forever to upload it to Tagfoot, but it won't let me share it. I will contact a bigfeet and ask if he will share this.

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