Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cookies and Birthdays

Cookies for a Birthday party…sure why not! I have been to Birthday parties with cake and cookies.

My favorite type of cookie is Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies. For one thing I am addicted to chocolate. I could and have eaten the entire bag of chocolate chips by themselves. Felt bad afterwards, but Oh…so good going down. This time around I saved the chips for the cookies. Find the recipe on the lens listed above.

These cookies also make nice looking Zazzle products.

Can’t believe that it has been two years on Squidoo, I joined on July 4, 2008. With thought in mind, it was time to celebrate with birthday cards. Vintage greeting cards are remade in print on demand shops like Zazzle. These are designs or photos that stem back usually in the early 1900s. Unless of course you happen to have the actual vintage postcard or greeting card, vintage cards have become more popular over the years. Personally, I love the old fashion look.

Celebrate my Squidoo Birthday, I have the cookies and you can bring the cake at Vintage and Modern Birthday Cards

Need a card to bring to the party? Here is one that I like. Registered & Protected

1 comment:

WhiteOak said...

Thank Goodness I do not have that coffee cup, with those cookies on it I would try to eat the darn thing! Happy Belated Squidoo Birthday!! I joined Squidoo in Feb. 2008-what a journey!!

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