Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inspired Charlie Sheen T-Shirts and RocketMom

These are my two latest articles on Squidoo. The first one is my latest on funny t-shirts from one funny actor who may be having a meltdown.

The online print on demand world of Zazzle and CafePress has gone wild with Charlie Sheen inspired quotes. Amazon and other shopping sites have gotten in on the bandwagon. He was fired Two and a Half Men. It is sad to say goodbye to this show that first aired in 2002. Nevertheless, no one can take Sheen's place. See the funny t-shirts inspired by Sheen on Inspired Charlie Sheen T-Shirts.

Second article is a compilation lens about the articles written for for Session 12 of RocketMoms. This is also a main lens that will used for future lensographies of my RocketMom lens.

The first time I saw a RocketMoms lens was from lensmaster OhMe. How did she get that? It looked so different and unique than all the other type of lens templates.

Through her, I discovered RocketMoms and joined with the Second Session. Since then I have participated in all sessions except a couple during the summer of 2010. Read more about this on RocketMom Sandyspider.

1 comment:

Rhonda (Pukeko) said...

I like the new format for this blog. It looks great. And, you know I like the shirts. LOL - what is up with Charlie Sheen.

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