Monday, May 30, 2011

Will My Traffic Be Lost to the Ever Evolving Squidoo

My 3-year anniversary is coming up on Squidoo, I joined on July 4, 2008. This is an easy date to remember, since Americans celebrate Independence Day on that particular day in July.

Squidoo has evolved more than any social network that I know.

When I first joined, Squidoo had groups. It took me about a year to discover this. I joined every group that I could, hopping to bring more traffic to my lenses (articles). I even listed these groups on my lenses for backlinking. Those groups have dissolved since then.

Moving modules on Squidoo was a little difficult to do. A vast improvement has been made since that time.

Many other changes that I liked and didn't like. One of the latest, which we have now been given a little more time to fix is the page breaks. I believe firmly in the KILL system. Keep It Long and Lengthy. I found these page breaks very helpful to some of my lenses.

I have fixed a number of my lenses on the page break thing. This one took me more than week to finish and I wanted to publish my new lenses all at the same time.


Because they all tied into one another with my Internet Addiction lens, which I broke down to 5 additional lenses. Theses are the lenses plus the new and improved Internet Addiction lens. Please, please visit and add to the plexos.

Are You an Internet Addict?
Blogging and RSS Addiction
Addiction of Facebook and Other Social Networking
Websites and Internet Addiction
Shopping Online Addiction
YouTube Addiction

Now I am wondering if all this work is worth it. Hardly anyone so far has been to these new lenses. The Squidteam has made it harder yet to get traffic. Custom bios, fan club and Squidcast were taken away a few days ago.

What is a Squidooer to do?

Note: At the moment this lens still has page breaks on it. I still don't know what to do with it. Sandyspider on Squidoo.


Marsha S said...

Can you explain to me what you mean by a page break?

I'm clicking over to give each of your lenses a view.

Annalee Blysse said...

I'd made a lot of efforts over the last 6-8 months to participate and create more lenses. But then a month or so back I ended up with a massive list of non-published lenses and that day my highest ranking lens dropped out of top 2000. So my efforts had increased, but the results drastically decreased. It made me realize that I need to move toward PT participation. No matter how much I enjoy Squidoo I just won't have enough time to keep up with my lenses with their new requirements anytime soon. Not giving up, just slowing back down.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, some things I will miss, I was on squidoo when they had groups but I'm kind of glad those are gone.

I never did get the page break thing so never really used them.

I didn't know about the custom bio thing being gone and really hat squid cast follows being gone because that is how I kept up to date with lensmasters that I liked.

Lou said...

So far I haven't had good results with my 'breaking up' of my page break lenses. I had two that were Disney Princess related - one of them I broke into several lenses and kept the original as a kind of lensography for the others. It's getting a fifth of the traffic and the extra lenses are getting between 1 and 5 visits a week!

The other one I kept as one long lens and used a blackbox module to break up the different sections within the lens. Again traffic is way down :(

Ruthi aka abitosunshine said...

Sandy, being fairly new at Squidoo, I hadn't yet used the page break format. And didn't get into any groups. But... I just finally figured out a system of utilizing squidcasts, lensrolling, fan club, and favorites to my advantage and to keep up with my new Squidoo friends -- and now that's all gone! To me, those things were good for all of Squidoo, so I'm not too sure what they have in mind...

I've had a long weekend of work and am headed to bed but I will visit your lenses soon, for sure!

Gale said...

I've noticed fan club is gone! I had a bunch of lenses that I favorites and visited regularly...and now all my favorites are gone and I don't know how to get to them! Sucks!

Sandy's network said...

Yes Gale, I miss the fan club too.

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