Friday, June 13, 2014

Social Media Regrouping

"Don't put all you eggs in one basket." Sure that you have heard this phrase many times over and over again. It is true that when you are working with social media, you should always have a backup plan. There are many social media groups online that you can join. Some promise money for your hard writing work, while others may be for recognition. The recognition part would be your way of advertising yourself and your businesses. Many people join social media groups as a combination to become recognized as a writer, make money from the website/social network or lead people to their own sites and shops. Joining more then one social writing group is important. This means to not to put all your eggs in one basket, so to speak.

So when should you start to regroup?

A person needs to regroup when there are too many baskets and not enough eggs. This means spreading yourself out too thin that you are not able to keep up with refreshing, adding new content and interacting with other members of that site. These writing websites are constantly changing. What was good one year may not be so good this year. It could be a time to reevaluate the social media site that you are on. Is it working for you?

 If it is not then it is time for a change.

 Personally for myself, I have spent time expanding to many writing sites. I have not been able to keep up and their changes. So now it is time to regroup. Here are a few that I am on. As for Bubblews, wait until August because they are having growing pains with many errors. In July they promise many changes and hopefully fixes. But they are not saying when in July.

  Join Squidoo here
  Join Hubpages here
  Join Bubblews here

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