Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sell McNugget on Ebay or Not!

Inspired by my trip to McDonalds, finding a strange shape Chicken McNugget and reading a bookmarked news article sent from my tagfoot friend “jewele” on THE 10 STRANGEST THINGS SOLD ON EBAY, I decided to create a the list of 21 weird, bizarre or just plain silly stuff sold on eBay. (Which I had found on various sources online.)

On Jan. 18, 2008, I had a coupon for buy one 10 pack Chicken McNuggets and get one free. I shared the other 10 pack with my daughter. As we were eating our McNuggets, I noticed that one of mine looked like a lamb. I told her to take a picture of it, which she did and then I set it aside.

My daughter had one that looked like a Cocker Spaniel. I said, “Hey we need to take a picture of that.” She rolled her eyes and proceeded to eat it. I was horrified! I yelled, “Why did you eat that? We could have sold that on eBay!”

She laughed and said, “You weren’t serious, were you?”

Of course I was serious! That Cocker Spaniel shaped nugget might help pay for her College. Who knows how much a funny shaped McNugget would sell for! After all I have been unemployed for a while. And our daughter was laid off during the summer from her part-time job at the University. Money has been getting tight. Despite the fact that I have been trying to make money online. I joined some marketing opportunities Even tried to give out a FREE ebook But money isn't exactly pouring out of my computer. (Not just yet!) The problem is I don't lie about my success I'm still trying to find my niche.

People have put more bizarre stuff on eBay than any other auction site. I’m not sure what the most money someone has made on something strange, bizarre or just plain stupid was. But on Nov. 23, 2004 a woman from Miami, Florida sold her 10 year old grilled cheese sandwich, (a bite out of it) which bore the image of the Virgin Mary for $28,000 on eBay. This Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich as been on many internet sites. Probably the most popular bizarre item sold on eBay.

Maybe my “lamb nugget” resembles one of the farm animals in the stable where Christ was born. Now wouldn’t it be worth at least $20,000? I put it in a baggie, then in a plastic container and placed in on a shelf in the refrigerator. Perhaps if I make a plea on eBay, someone will take pity on my situation. Like the business man who gave $10,000 to Cary Copestakes, the 18 year old British girl who put up her virginity to help pay for college.

Anyway, I’m not really serious about selling it. I just want to play it out for a while. After all, I don’t do those silly things that other people do. Or do I?

I guess I am silly, because here is the listing that will continue on until Jan-27-09 18:45:13 PST See my listing!

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