Friday, March 5, 2010

My Love of Architecture

When I took an architectural class in High School, my father gave me his t-square and a 2x3 foot board (not a table but a board).

I was at a crossroads of what I wanted to be in life: An Architect, teacher, writer or psychologist. I chose to further my education in Architecture. Even then it wasn't always easy finding work.

My career has expanded from Architecture to Engineering. The last several years, I had been working more in a wide spectrum of the engineering field. (Due to the economic situation beyond my control, I have been unemployed for an eternity). But architecture is my true love. My resume includes designing and drawing homes, (several of these homes that I designed were in the "Showcase of Homes"), drawings of commercial buildings such as: banks, department stores and industrial buildings. Many of these were local. When my daughter was small and we would go into one of the buildings that I had worked on, I would say, "What do you think of your mom's building?"
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