Friday, March 5, 2010

Peter Frampton Great 70s Rock Artist - Get Cracking Lens 10

I had seen Peter Frampton many years ago in concert. He played all his classic 70s music that made him the great artist of his time. I still have his masterpiece album "Frampton Comes Alive."

The band's most successful song and forever a classic is "Do You Feel Like We Do." This song originally came from the Frampton's Camel album released in 1973. It was the band's second album then called, Frampton's Camel. Originally this song was about waking up with a hangover with the opening lyrics being "Well, woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand..." It reached 110 on the US charts with the song's track being 6:44 minutes and was not then released as a single.

This song was added to Frampton Comes Alive album, which was released in 1976 and became Peter Frampton's masterpiece album. As a live performance and on the album, this song plays more than twice as long as the originally version, 14:17 minutes.

Disappointed in the lack of success from the Frampton's Camel album, Frampton and his band did not want to be confused with the band named Camel. It was decided to perform under his name, Frampton.

After coming into America from the UK, the band toured as the backup band for two years supporting acts such as the J. Geils Band and ZZ Top.

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