Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monsters, Ferrets and Wall Clocks of Hawaii

Playing catch up as always, these are the latest articles of Sandyspider on Squidoo.

Starting out with the No Monsters. This is in regard to those party poopers who don't like to practice in giving out treats on Halloween. This article contains many Zazzle products of expressing your distaste for Halloween. Click on the links and images to go to the products and articles.

Alien Warning mug
Alien Warning by funnyjokes
Design ceramic coffee mugs with Registered & Protected

No Monsters for Halloween
Taking my daughter trick-or-treating when she was younger, we would pass by several homes where they refuse to participate in giving out candy to the children. What really got to me was the house up the block. Their children would dress up and go door to door. Yet when a child would go to their door, they would say that it was against their religion and they weren't participating.

For people who are against Halloween, they should wear a "No Monsters" t-shirt and hat and sit outside their door and throw out "No Monsters" stickers to make their Anti-Halloween statement clearer. (Read more by clicking on the link above).

We used to have an adorable albino ferret named Roxie Lady. If you go into the pet store and see ferrets, they are usually twice the size our petite ferret was. At her healthiest weight she weighed 1.6 lbs. When she was sick, she was under a pound. There two lenses are about Roxie, what you need for your ferret before bring one home and fun ferret toys and fashions.
White Baby Ferret sticker
White Baby Ferret by Sandyspider
Learn how to sell art on Registered & Protected
Bringing Home a Ferret
Before we had the dogs (Buddy and Trixie), there was Roxie Lady, our albino ferret. We bought her when she was a 6 week old kit from the breeder. Among the litter of 8 baby ferrets, she was one of two albinos and the runt of all the ferrets.

It hadn't been that long since we put our dog Wendy to sleep. Something we hoped to never have to go through again. We vowed not to have another pet. But for that short period, it wasn't the same in our household.

Our daughter kept reading up on ferrets and brought up all the information she learned to our attention. She finally broke me down and Roxie came home with us to my husband's surprise. (Read more by clicking on the link above).

Ferret Toys and Accessories
Ferrets are curious animals and want to discover everything. Our pet ferret, Roxie Lady loved her toys. Many of her toys were ferret and cat toys. She liked toys that had little bells and squeaky toys. She even had a toy ferret that made different sounds. Every time this toy would make a sound she would jump up and down as in a little dance.

One of Roxie's favorite toys was the tunnel toy. The longer the tunnel, the more she enjoyed it.

When we went camping, everyone loved the little white ferret on the leash. (Read more by clicking on the link above).

On they have personalized gifts from aprons, light switch covers, mugs, coffee gift sets, coasters, pen holders, wall clocks and more. From all these items, look under Sandy Mertens to find all my designs. Many of these same photos and images are also found on Sandyspider Gifts on Zazzle. Though there are exclusive design just on 3drose. Most of these items can be bought on Amazon as well Below are my top ten Hawaii Wall Clocks shown in the article.

Hawaii travel designs are featured on these beautiful handcrafted wall clocks. A stunning high gloss ceramic-like finish is applied, giving a brilliant shine to these one of a kind clocks shown on Amazon.

The photos are taken from my daughter's trip to the main island. The ocean is so beautiful and the black beach is amazing. My favorite of all the pictures is the dead tree that overlooks the ocean.
Wall Clocks of Hawaii
She will be going back to Hawaii again and taking more pictures. These photos on the wall clocks are my favorite that includes the ocean, sunset, dolphins and the Hawaiian tree. (Click on the link above to read more on these clocks and vote for your favorite one).

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